Hunterford Estate Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Hunterford Estate is managed by an Executive Committee elected as specified in the Bylaws (see below to view the Bylaws).


The Executive Committee normally meets every 2nd month in the Community Centre.

See the Club House notice board for the next EC Meeting date.

The Executive Committee maintains a forum that contains an archive of minutes from all the Annual, Special General and Committee meetings since the estate was created. These can be viewed by registering for access on the forum.

The Hunterford forum is closed.

Contact Permier for copies of previous minutes.

Hunterford Bylaws

The rules of Hunterford are set out in the By-Laws. Some of these rules concern the way in which Hunterford is managed. Others concern the way in which the residents may use the facilities. The rules apply to the owners and residents of all properties.

See Current By-Laws/Management Statement

See Proposed By-Laws/Management Statement [To be considered at the 2018 AGM]

Hunterford Design Manual

Hunterford Design Manual download

Modifications to properties

If owners wish to carry out any  modifications to their Lot, they must first apply for permission using this Application Form.